How to choose an eraser
2019-09-28 16:27:37

Eraser is one of the most common student stationery, mainly used to erase the wrong pencil word to cover the correct text. There are many kinds of stationery products on the market, and the eraser is not only versatile but also slightly scented. However, manufacturers remind you that scented erasers are often not safe and healthy, so avoid buying. So what should I choose to choose an eraser? The following manufacturers will share the five pieces of the eraser:

1. To the regular store, buy stationery products produced by regular manufacturers, generally regular supermarkets or franchise stores, will choose regular channels to purchase.

2. Try not to buy rubber with cute shapes and fragrances as the selling point. The more complicated the process, the more chemicals are added.

3. When purchasing, you should see the product identification: factory name, place of origin, implementation standard (QB-2655-2004), production date.

4. Take a look at the instructions and detailed recipe descriptions, etc., and buy the rubber labeled with no phthalate.

5. The rubber of some well-known stationery brands will be relatively safe.